Private DIY Base Party Package: $200.00 for the first 42
For exclusive and private celebrations, this package offers full facility rental for 2 hours, ensuring a uniquely private experience. Similar to the Public Base Package, it includes a 1:1 consultation, and dedicated host services, suitable for larger gatherings seeking privacy. Ideal for those who simply want the space with the flexibility to bring and set up your own food and decor.
Private DIY Base Party Package
Private Premium Party Package: $450.00 for the first 42
The ultimate party experience with complete privacy. Includes everything in the Private Base Package, with additional perks like more pizzas, chips, cupcakes, juice boxes and 12 themed party favors. Perfect for grand celebrations where you want to simply waltz in to celebrate without any of the hassle and stress of planning.
Private Premium Party Package
Public Premium Party Package: $300.00 for the first 20
Elevate your public birthday celebration with this all-inclusive package. It includes everything from the Base Package, plus a 2-hour rental of the birthday room, full decor, themed cupcakes, pizzas, and more, ensuring a hassle-free and memorable event.
Public Premium Party Package
Public DIY Base Party Package: $100.00 for the first 20
Ideal for intimate celebrations, when you don't mind others playing in the space while you party. This package offers a 1:1 consultation, 2-hour party area rental, and a dedicated host for setup and clean-up. Enjoy free play for kids and coffee bar access for adults. Perfect for smaller gatherings on a weekday, with the flexibility to bring your own decor and food.
Public DIY Base Party Package